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    Invisalign Braces for adults and teens.
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    44,5% discount on our Invisalign laboratory costs
    Orthodontic practice of Dr. Schmidt-Rogge
    in Berlin was awarded with Invisalign
    Platinum Elite Status
    As an orthodontic treatment improving the health
    and aesthetics and so quality of life at any age
    could learn interested visitors on the
    Day of Dental Health 2012.
    Bright sun, professional training and a „bite check“. All of the 30 children and adults could experience it on 04.08.2012 in Steglitz.
    Professional player Thomas Helmer deputising for Matthias Sammer came with DFB coaches to take part at the campaign
    "The Right Bite" and to train the kids.


our orthodontic clinic in Berlin

Orthodontic clinic

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10713 Berlin-Wilmersdorf

Tel: 030 - 863 90 900




Orthodontic clinic (private)

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Was ist Invisalign?

What is Invisalign?

The treatment using Invisalign is done with a series of transparent and removable plastic braces, which are exchanged every two weeks. Every Invisalign brace is individually made for your teeth. In this way your teeth will be gradually brought to their optimal end position, which we will have calculated for you

Using the virtual Invisalign treatment plan (ClinCheck) you will have the opportunity to see how your teeth will look after treatment.

Für welche Zahnfehlstellungen Invisalign?

What can Invisalign be used for?

The treatment with the Invisalign- method (almost invisible braces) can be used for varying types of misaligned teeth:

  • The Invisalign treatment is ideal for when the front teeth are crowded, if your jaw does not have enough space and teeth are rotated or embedded?
  • A treatment with Invisalign is also recommended for gaps between the teeth, which occur because of small teeth, moving teeth or missing teeth..
  • Invisalign can help in the case of a crossbite,where a tooth in the upper jaw touches the inside of a tooth in the lower jaw.
  • The Invisalign treatment can reduce an increased overbite.
  • Invisalign braces are also recommended for an underbite, especially if caused by misaligned teeth..

Feel free to ask about our Invisalign Berlin Consultation, to know if the Invisalign invisible brace is suitable for your individual needs. Since 2009, the Invisalign treatment method is available not only for adults, but also for adolescents (Invisalign Teen) and children.

Invisalign herausnehmen

Tragen und Herausnehmen ganz nach Bedarf

Im Gegensatz zu festen Zahnspangen, die nur von ausgebildeten Fachärzten entfernt werden können und daher die wirksame Reinigung der Zähne behindern, sind Invisalign-Aligner jederzeit herausnehmbar.

So müssen Sie sich weder beim Essen, noch bei der Reinigung Ihrer Zähne einschränken. Auch zu speziellen Anlässen, wie Festen oder Meetings, können die Invisalign-Aligner kurzzeitig herausgenommen werden. So wird Ihr Alltag dadurch kaum beeinflusst. In unserer Invisalign Berlin Sprechstunde werden Sie genauestens informiert.

Kosten der Invisalign-Behandlung

Kosten der Invisalign-Behandlung

Die Kosten Ihrer Invisalign-Behandlung können Ihnen möglicherweise zum Teil oder sogar vollständig ersetzt werden. Hauptsächlich hängt dies davon ab, wie Sie versichert sind. In Deutschland unterscheidet man zwischen drei verschiedenen Gruppen:

  • Gesetzlich Versicherte
  • Privat Versicherte / Zusatzversicherte
  • Beihilfeberechtigte

Wird Invisalign von meiner Versicherung unterstützt?

Diese Frage kann nur individuell beantwortet werden, grundsätzlich gilt jedoch Folgendes:
Bei Privat-Versicherten oder Zusatzversicherten und Beihilfeberechtigten wird die Invisalign-Behandlung üblicherweise übernommen. Die Höhe der Erstattung hängt vom individuell vereinbarten Versicherungstarif ab. Gesetzliche Krankenkassen unterstützen Invisalign im Allgemeinen nicht, da die Behandlung bisher noch nicht in dem Katalog des Sozialgesetzbuches aufgeführt ist.
Für weitere Informationen beraten wir Sie gerne!

Invisalign Platinum Elite-Status

News from the Invisalign Berlin Consultation:

"Praxis für Kieferorthopädie" was awarded the Invisalign Platin Status for the fifth consecutive year

Since 2001 we have been treating patients using almost invisible braces by Invisalign. In 2009 we received for the fifth time in a row the Invisalign Platinum Practitioner Status. With over 400 successfully treated patients, we have a rich source of experience from which our patients can benefit daily at our Invisalign Berlin Consultation.


Experten-Interview mit Dr. Schmidt-Rogge und Paula Hartmann aus "Der Nanny"

Invisalign Teen

The almost invisible braces of the Invisalign method are now available for adolescents and children with Invisalign Teen.

Braces by Invisalign Teen offer a truly new option compared to previous braces: they are transparent, unobtrusive and suited to the particular needs of young patients.

Der Unterschied von Invisalign Teen

What is the difference between Invisalign and Invisalign Teen?

Invisible braces by Invisalign Teen function in the same way as the Invisalign braces for adults.

The teeth are brought to their optimum position little by little with every new transparent plastic brace (Aligner). Invisible braces by Invisalign Teen function completely without metal or wire.

Die Extras von Invisalign Teen

Extras of Invisalign Teen

Because teenagers are active, the Invisalign Teen brace has a few extras:

  • A small blue indicator shows the optimum length the brace should be worn.
  • The brace has a particular shape which allows the growth of canines and molars.
  • If one of the Invisalign Teen plastic braces is lost, a total of six free replacement Aligners are available.
Die Extras von Invisalign Teen

Invisalign Teen easy and unobstrusive

Invisible braces by Invisalign Teen are gentle to wear and transparent. The treatment is therefore barely noticeable. This greatly increases confidence when wearing the brace amongst friends.

Invisalign Teen-Aligner are easy to remove, for example:

  • to brush ones teeth
  • to floss
  • to play a musical instrument
  • to eat or drink

If you have questions about Invisalign Teen feel free to ask, or book an appointment at our Invisalign Berlin Consultation.

Kieferorthopaedie für Kinder in Berlin

Treatment for children

With children it is especially important to detect misalignment of the teeth and jaws as well as any malfunctions early, and to target the support necessary for the natural development of teeth. This can sometimes already be necessary with milk teeth.

Have you noticed something about the placement of your child's teeth, or has your dentist or the school dentist notified you of maldevelopment? We will be delighted to be of further assistence.

Treatment for adults

Nothing is more lovely than a beautiful smile - and it is never too late to have one. Nowadays, an orthodontic treatment is possible at any age.

For adults we can offer particular unobtrusive treatment devices like the Invisalign brace or ceramic brackets. The result is not only beautiful straight teeth, for often the correction can improve mastication and the conservation of the mandibular joint.

Lose Zahnspangen in Berlin

Removable braces

The removable braces, like the coloured active plate or bracesfunctional orthodontic for growth control for example

are individually made out of plastic, and are most often used for children and adolescents.

Herausnehmbare Zahnspangen in Berlin

Removable braces

Active Plate

The active plate is made of plastic and wire parts. Brackets make sure that the brace holds, springs or screws work on the position of teeth and changes in the jaw.

bracesfunctional orthodontic

The functional orthodontic braces like Bionator, Activator, Function Regulator lie loosely in the mouth, work on both jaws simultaneously and are most efficient during the growth phase. Due to the functional power of the body´s musculature, the position of the teeth and jaw can be gently corrected.

Feste Zahnspange in Berlin

Fixed braces

Treatment with a fixed brace can be the best solution in certain situations. The most common here is the Multibandapparatur. It is composed of brackets and replaceable bows, which together can cause the most extensive movement of teeth.

Brackets in Berlin

Aesthetic and unobstrusive

Brackets are available in various different materials. We use the classic stress resistant metal brackets (Victory low profile) nevertheless in a modern reduced size, for better aesthetic and cleaning; or transparent highly precise ceramic brackets (Clarity) for an aesthetic unobtrusive treatment. In addition we offer self-ligating brackets (Clarity SL) as a nicer and faster alternative. Before attaching the brace, we polish and seal every tooth.

Selbstligierende Brackets in Berlin

Self-ligating brackets

Self-ligating brackets: this newly constructed form allows a regular and gentle transfer of force on the tooth, as the brackets hold wire without any added ligatures. The advantages are a more efficient treatment as well as increased comfort.

Mandibular joint therapy

The Mandibular Joint
The mandibular joint assumes a special position functionally, as its final position is determined by the position of the teeth.

Through continual Malfunction, pains can result in the joint structure or the surrounding musculature. It may also lead to back or knee pain or the suffering of regular headaches.

Zusammenarbeit mit orthopädischer Praxis
In einem solchen Fall arbeiten wir eng mit der benachbarten Praxis für Orthopädie von Patrick Schoene in Berlin Mitte zusammen.

Individually made bite splints
Individually made bite splints often give relief in this case. Complementary therapies may however also be necessary.

Schnarchtherapie in Berlin

Snoring therapy

with TAP splints

Schnarchtherapie in Berlin


Snoring is a wide spread phenomenon. Snoring can be troublesome and loud and is a disturbance to many. For some it is even a disease-causing sleep disorder (sleep apnoea), which may seriously endanger health. Two splints (TAP-splints) can help in this case. They bring the lower jaw to a reliable and controlled position during sleep, and thereby open the rear air passage. Thus you or your partner can get a good nights sleep again. Dr. N. Schmidt-Rogge and both dental technicians are certified TAP-Partners.


RTL-Reportage über Schnarchtherapie mit Dr. N. Schmidt-Rogge (© by AZ Media)

Corrections in tooth shape

Small measures - large impact.

Small blemishes on the front teeth often disturb the harmony of a smile. A skillful Denticuring [careful sanding according to the tooth's form] immediately eliminates jagged edges and unsightly protrusions on the front teeth. If the teeth are too short or narrow, your dentist may help with plastic or Veneers additions. Small measures - large impact.


Another important addition to orthodontic treatments

Normally orthodontic treatments to correct misaligned teeth take a longer period of time. During this time dental hygiene plays an important part, as it is impaired by wearing a brace. Therefore we recommend you or your child to participate in our Prophylaxis program.

Our prophylaxis program consists of intructions, fluoridation, sealing of dental surfaces and professional cleaning] in collaboration with your dentist.

Professional tooth cleaning

clean teeth from a professional hand

Professional tooth cleaning goes far beyond usual dental hygiene. All teeth and braces are gently freed of deposits and then polished. Dental plaque does not attach as easily on a smooth surface. Clean teeth from a professional hand.

Mouth Guard

Protects your teeth during high risk sports

More and more people do Sport to keep fit. At the same time many sports become faster, harder and more dangerous to health. The consequence: increased sport accidents with damage to the teeth or even loss of teeth. Only individually made mouth guards can protect your teeth during high risk sports. It is sensible to wear a mouthguard with or without braces

In case braces are worn, a special mouth guard must be made at the orthondists, otherwise the movement of the teeth may be hindered or the brace damaged.