Gentle. Comfortable to wear. Virtually invisible.

Treatment with Invisalign® has been a focus at Orthodontics Berlin Mitte since 2001. More than 1,000 successfully treated patients and our Invisalign® Diamond Apex Status show: patients benefit from our wealth of experience every day in our Invisalign® consultations.

By the way, Invisalign® is as suitable for children and teens (Invisalign Teen®) as it is for adults!

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Discreet aligner, carefree smile! Invisalign® is now available for teenagers – as Invisalign Teen®.

Aligners from Invisalign Teen® are simply different: transparent, unobtrusive and adapted to the special needs of younger patients

Is there a difference between Invisalign® and Invisalign Teen®?

No. Each Invisalign Teen® aligner follows the same functional principle as Invisalign® for adults.

With each new aligner, made of transparent plastic, young teeth gradually move toward their optimal position without metal and without wires..

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Child-compatible misalignment correction.

Horsing around, running, playing – children are constantly in motion. Which is why they need an aligner that moves along with them.

The virtually invisible Invisalign First® corrects numerous dental malocclusions and doesn’t interfere with speaking. With suitable functions, especially for young patients between 6 and 10.

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Detecting misalignment of the teeth, jaw and their function as early as possible can be highly beneficial. Systematic orthodontic treatment – with Invisalign® for children, for example – can successfully influence natural tooth development, even of baby teeth.

Does your child’s tooth position seem unusual? Has the (school) dentist notified you of any undesirable development in this regard? What treatment options do you have?

Your orthodontics practice in Berlin Mitte will be happy to provide you with detailed advice.

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A beautiful smile attracts people! It’s never too late for an orthodontic treatment. It’s available at any age–and ideally, it’s as invisible as possible.

Discreet aligners like Invisalign brace or ceramic brackets. keep your treatment private. The result? Beautiful, straight teeth and an improved chewing function – both of which make life easier on your jaw!

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Colorful functional appliances, orthodontic devices for growth management: each removable appliance for children and teens is custom-made from plastic directly at Orthodontics Berlin Mitte.

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Slip-on functional aligners in Berlin

Functional appliances

A functional appliance is an aligning device (braces) made of wire elements and plastic. Springs or screws allow for the desired changes in tooth position and the jaw, and clamps ensure a tight fit.

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Removable functional appliances in Berlin

Functional orthodontic devices

Bionators, activators and functional appliances are all orthodontic devices. When placed in the mouth, they affect both jaws at the same time. Their greatest potential is achieved during the growth phase. The secret to this is the functional forces of the body’s own musculature, which is able to gently correct the alignment of the jaw and teeth relative to each other.


In specific situations, treatment that includes fixed braces is the best choice. To effect particularly extensive tooth movement, we at Orthodontics Berlin Mitte use proven self-ligating brace technology with metal brackets that are applied to your teeth (also available in a transparent option) and replaceable metal wire.

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