Has your dentist advised you to be treated by an orthodontist? You think you have a misaligned jaw or teeth – or that your child does?

Visit us at Orthodontics Berlin Mitte. Alongside classic treatment methods, we have gained outstanding experience with Invisalign® in particular. This innovative treatment form can correct a wide range of misalignment issues, such as

At Orthodontics Berlin Mitte, we have successfully treated hundreds of patients since 2001. A wealth of experience from which you can soon benefit! Come to our Invisalign® Berlin consultation.

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As part of your first consultation at Orthodontics Berlin Mitte, we will thoroughly examine you and provide you with comprehensive information on your treatment options. Do you have questions for us? We will answer them all – even your questions about costs and health insurance coverage.

To determine the type and degree of dental malocclusion or misalignment, we will gently, carefully and precisely examine your jaws and teeth during your first appointment at Orthodontics Berlin Mitte. If necessary, we will use this opportunity to take photos, X-rays or produce other diagnostic documents. Next, we offer you an in-depth consultation: Which Invisalign® treatment measures or alternative procedures can we recommend for you or your child?

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With our innovative intraoral scanner

We will now take your dental impression – entirely without sticky silicone! This is a pleasantly gentle beginning to your aligner treatment at Orthodontics Berlin Mitte. The secret? We use iTero®, a high- precision intraoral scanner, to make a 3D scan of your teeth. Fast, high resolution, one image at a time: you simply open your lips slightly, and iTero® moves gently through your mouth without making contact. From the dental chair, you will see all of your teeth appear on the screen one by one – in realtime. And that’s it! For adults, children or teens, this scan data is the basis for your fine-tuned Invisalign® treatment from Orthodontics Berlin Mitte. The joy of anticipation! After only a few minutes, iTero® shows you how your successfully corrected teeth will look later.

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ClinCheck®: your digital treatment plan

Once the iTero® scan of your teeth is finished, we now have meaningful data available – which serves as the basis for your personal digital treatment plan. Thanks to the ClinCheck® planning and visualization software, your journey with Invisalign® can be completely mapped. At the very beginning of your aligner treatment, ClinCheck® will present a 3D simulation, showing how each of your teeth will move over the course of the treatment, and giving an estimate of how long the treatment will take. Do you still need adjustments? Our experienced orthodontists will make them directly on the 3D model, enabling you to see the result in real time. Coming soon ... Anticipate your healthy, completely new smile!



Take it along and get started! Invisalign® at home.

Now the actual treatment begins. At the end of your appointment at Orthodontics Berlin Mitte, we will hand you your first Invisalign® set – to take with you and start using at home. How does it work? Every week, you will replace your personal plastic trays with the next Invisalign® aligner. That’s all you need to do! After all, each individual Invisalign® tray is calculated perfectly and is ready to precisely correct your malocclusion, one step at a time. But so discreetly that virtually no one will notice your new aligner.

Eating or brushing your teeth? Simply remove your aligner. Now and then, you will come to Orthodontics Berlin Mitte for a check-up. We will check what progress can we see. If corrections are necessary, we will make them immediately. As an experienced, certified Invisalign® practice, we will not leave you alone in the process, as some discount suppliers might. Would you like to find out more about Invisalign®? We’d be happy to advise you.



Be even faster

Tooth correction with Invisalign® is fast. And can be even faster – like if you want to have beautiful, straight teeth for your wedding. Orthopulse® rewards your impatience! The handy, clinically tested device makes it possible to shorten the time in which you wear your Invisalign® trays. Use Orthopulse® everywhere – even when you’re on the go. One self-timed, 10-minute application every day is enough. Simply remove your aligner, position the soft Orthopulse® mouthpiece and gently bite down. The smart Orthopulse® device stimulates the bone in your root area with low-dose infrared light. It accelerates the orthodontic movement of your teeth gently and safely, while also reducing your sensitivity to pressure when switching your aligner. A glance at your Orthopulse® app shows you what is moving and helps you to remember to use the device.




Our ultra-fine Memotain® retainer ensures results

No, your mirror isn’t lying. Your teeth look fabulous! And to ensure that they stay that way after the treatment is finished, we offer a lingual retainer. This is a fine Nitinol® wire produced with CAD technology. To get your retainer, you’ll come to us at Orthodontics Berlin Mitte one more time. With microfine precision, we will position your retainer on the inside of your teeth. Why? When the last Invisalign® trays have been removed, the Memotain® retainer takes its place. The goal: to prevent successfully corrected teeth from moving back to their former position and to prevent new misalignments from developing. Tooth correction with Invisalign® will always be gentle and precise. Simple to wear and easy to clean, your retainer will fit your teeth perfectly. Congratulations! You can now enjoy your beautiful smile.

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